How To Reduce Glare on Computers and Laptops (Hint: Window Blinds)


Have you experienced using the computer or your laptop and being distracted because of too much light? Have you lost focus on what you were doing because of it? And did you just let it be or did you try to find any solutions?

In any case, presented here are effective methods in reducing the glare from interior lights or even the sunlight.

Look at the position of your computer with regards to the windows. Is it placed directly by the window where the sun can just set in? Do you know the time when intense light usually comes? Will you be able to transfer your computer into another place? If you can, it is best to just change the current arrangement and make your computer face away from the window.

Check your interior lighting. Do lamps and other light sources cause glare for your computer usage? Identify which ones produce the disturbance and decide if you are able to use the computer with those lights turned off. Consider changing their placements as well if needed.

Use the appropriate window covers. When you are stuck and you won’t be able to change the positioning of the computer, you might want to work with window coverings like curtains, shutters, and specifically, London glare reduction blinds. The blinds London puts forward are sophisticated and definitely useful. These methods are definitely effective in screening and obscuring the outside light. Furthermore, there are particular types of window fixtures that aid to solar problems and are able to diffuse light and save energy. These solar screen shades are good options that you might also want to take into consideration.

Adjust the settings of your computer screen. Tweak and look through your computer settings and from there check the screen’s brightness and contrast. Perhaps adjusting changing these may assist you in reducing the disturbance caused by the light glare.

Spend your time using the computer in the dark. Basically, there will no reflection so your use of the computer will be of no interruption. This, of course, depends if you are comfortable with it. You may also do this: paint your room with a darker color since light colors reflect more light. Or if that seems impracticable for you, you can block the glare from light sources by wearing dark clothes during computer use.

When you reduce the glare from light sources, you do not only lessen the disruption from using the computer, but you can also maintain the view and keep the room cool. Aside from glare, these can be ways to just seamlessly block unwanted light inside, especially during hot periods like summer time.

Moreover, you can prevent headaches, eye and neck strains if you work on your computer with no glare. When you do not do anything to avoid the discomfort you feel, you might risk your productivity and even worse, your health. It is important to take care of your condition and well-being. Do not settle and you must find ways to solve problems like this that can possibly be harmful to you and your body.

Making Computers Simple for the Elderly

elderly using computerDo you have an elderly at home that is taking interest in using the computer? What did you do to make it simple for him to use? Did he call on you to accomplish things for him instead of using the computer himself?  There are certain ways to help the elderly use the computer. Here are some tips:

Teach the elderly how to turn on the computer. Most of the oldies that you know are afraid to use the computer. Most probably this is because they don’t know how to use it. Never underestimate the thirst for knowledge and the capacity to learn of the elderly. They may be slow in getting what you mean because of the aging process, but they can definitely follow what you are saying. If you are involved in elderly care, teaching him how to turn on the computer would be something to do in the afternoon instead of sleeping. Turning on as well as shutting down the computer is one of the basic things that you learned when you’re in a computer school.

Show the basic processes of making documents in Word and Excel. You don’t have to include the complex processes in teaching the elderly how to use the computer. Clicking the mouse is the easiest part of the computer. Remember how you liked games that will involve the use of the computer mouse? This is also a great way to include in afternoon activities for care at home pimlico. After the basic process of making documents, practice the elderly in opening simple games and letting him play.

Show how to write and send an email. You can create an account for email purposes for the elderly. However, if he wants to write and send an email, let him. Then show him how to send the email as well as open his account to read his inbox. If possible, bring out in the screen the keyboard, so he doesn’t have to look down and look for the letters.

Write down the step by step process in opening documents and opening and sending an email. The computer is user friendly that anyone can manage on their own learning. However, for the elderly, it may take time. As such, it would be helpful to write down specific steps for the process that he does on the computer such as opening files, as well as reading and sending his emails. The notes are for his reference should he get stuck in what to do next.

Print out the basic parts of the computer and their uses. This will serve as an easy reference for him when you are not around or if he wants to know parts of the computer that he wants to use. In addition, you should also tell the family of the senior’s interest in using the computer so that he can be assisted when needed.

Recognize his accomplishments. The elderly is like a child. They grow with recognition of their accomplishments. However little, ensure that you tell how great their accomplishment is. This will help sustain their interest in learning how to use the computer.

How to Create Professional Level 3D Garden Designs

3D garden planningEver wonder how those fulham landscaping professionals create wonderful professional level 3D garden designs? You sat there in such awe and wonder about how they can create such beautiful designs by just sketching your garden. If you have the passion and interest in learning garden designs, you can learn by the using the following:

3D Online Garden Planners. There are online 3D planners that you can use. These are all free to use and you don’t have to download anything. A number of these online 3D planners offer an extensive catalogue of items that you can use in making a perspective plan for your garden. What’s helpful about these 3D planners is that, their catalogue comes with expert advice on which is the best item to use in designing your garden. In addition to these elements, you can add a representation of your house, then add details like paving and pillars as well.

Downloadable Freeware Garden Planners. There are also free downloadable garden planners for free. This is for those people who want to get used to a design program or would like to try one before purchasing one. These downloadable garden planners basically work the way the online 3D planner garden planners do. The only difference would be, you need to be connected to the internet for the online 3D planner, whereas with the freeware garden planners, you connect to the internet to download it once, then use it whether online or offline. It also offers a catalogue with expert advice on design elements as well as project your design in 3D reality. Some also offer garden themes as well as a blank canvass to start from scratch using the available elements in the program.

Buying 3D Software Garden Planner. You can also buy 3D software garden planners for sale. This is what professional garden designers usually do as well as those who study outdoor and interior designing.  These garden planner software comes with design elements as well as estimate costs for the actual design that you’ve created. Most of the software includes branded and available elements to include in your design with information on where to purchase them as well as their estimated price. The advantage of buying a 3D software garden planner is that you get to provide estimated costs of your design to your clients.

Enrolling in a course for 3D Garden Design. This is the advisable action for outdoor and interior designing enthusiasts. When you feel that you need additional knowledge and skills aside from what you learned from school, you should enroll in a short course for 3D planning. This is like adding a feather to your cap. Adding skills and knowledge to your list of credentials will boost your opportunities for getting more clients.

Most of the software in 3D garden designing was programmed for ease of use. Depending on your technical knowledge of designing, you should try the freeware first and play with designs before deciding to buy yourself an installer. This way, you get to learn the basics of most common 3D programs before spending on one.

PC Games of 2014

Hey gamers! It’s the middle of 2014 and have you played any of these games already? Or will you play any of these games? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Thief – a combat system game


2.  Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. The fifth act of the story is added and introduces an army of warriors. Watch the trailer below.


3. The Elder Scrolls Online


4. Watch Dogs. The game to watch for.


5. Hotline Miami 2; Wrong Number. A game based on bloody plots.


6. The Crew. Almost a GTA, let’s see.


7.  Hearthstone. The game will now be available to anyone. Can’t wait.


8.  Mad Max. If you loved the movie, you’ll definitely wait for this game.


Resource: Ben Kim, Maximum PC